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I. Who processes personal data and for what purpose
Personal data provided to us by you in connection with your registration and use of Online Store are processed by FORAM Roman Krzyżanowski with registered office in Karpicko at ul. Podgórnej 16, NIP: 923-130-59-16, which serves as the administrator of such data within the meaning of the Personal Data Protection Act of 29th August 1997 (consolidated text: Journal of Laws of 2002, No.101, item 926, as amended). Personal data that you entrust us with, in particular your full name, your address, e-mail address, telephone number, are processed:

1. to the extent necessary for the development, configuration of the content, change and correct implementation of the services provided by electronic means and the implementation of your orders;
2. in order to implement orders on products available at Online Store;
3. in order to consider complaints submitted by you and reimburse benefits in the event of withdrawal from the agreement (return of the goods);
4. if you agree to receive marketing information, including our business information sent by electronic means, your personal data will be processed by us also in order to provide you with information about our store, offers and promotions, as well as information on products and services rendered by entities cooperating with us (upon our knowledge and explicit consent).

In order to carry out the contract, the online store may share your data collected from partners such as, for example, courier companies, payment systems operators, the companies that support claims, etc. In such cases, the amount of transferred data is limited to the required minimum. In addition, the information you provide may be made available to competent public authorities, if so required by applicable law.

Provision of personal data is voluntary, however, the lack of consent to processing of personal data may prevent us from providing you with electronic services and inhibit your purchases in Online Store.

Upon entrusting us with your personal data, you have the right to access your data, the right to request its update and the right to request its removal. You can edit and delete the personal data provided by you in your Customer account (“Your account” tab). You can also contact us with the request to remove the entire Customer account by sending a relevant request at the following e-mail address: with the email address currently registered in the Online Store. If you wish to opt out from receiving the newsletter then you can do it yourself or contact us from the email address currently registered in the Online Store. Information on how to opt out from the newsletter is also indicated in the footer of each newsletter.

II. Safety regulations
FORAM Roman Krzyżanowski ensures safety of your personal data by applying appropriate technical and organizational measures used so as to prevent unlawful processing and accidental loss, destruction and damage of data. Furthermore, we take special care to ensure that your personal data is:

correct and processed in accordance with the provisions of law, obtained only for specified purposes and not processed further in a way incompatible with those purposes, adequate, relevant and not redundant, accurate and up to date, not kept for longer than necessary, processed in accordance with the rights of both persons (data subjects), including in accordance with the law to restrict disclosure, securely stored, not transferred without adequate protection measures.
Remember that your nick and email address provided as the public address will be visible to all people using the Online Store. If you do not want to share your personal data to an unlimited circle of people, do not enter such as public.

For your safety:
1. remember to create a login and password for your Customer account that will prevent any third parties from guessing it. In particular, we recommend using a password consisting of a string of numbers, uppercase and lowercase letters;
2. remember to log out from after the session is finished (completed purchases, etc.). Turning off the browser window is not synonymous with logging out from Logging out from will take place once you click "log out";
3. remember to keep your login and password for your Customer account in secret and, in particular, to not transmit the data (login, password) to any third party;
4. remember to use antivirus software, and thus regularly scan your hardware for viruses;
5. remember to use the site and Online Store only through trusted computers with proven software. Using someone else's computer raises the risk of capturing your login, password or other data that you provide;
6. however, if you use the website or Online Store via a foreign computer, for example, in an Internet café, be sure not to store data on this computer and delete the Web history. The stored data can be used by the person using the computer after you.

III. Technical information
Technical information - Cookies

When you use the Online Store, cookies - small files (text files in particular) - are saved on your device (computer, smartphone, tablet, etc.). They contain information necessary for proper use of Online Store. By saving these files on your device, it is possible to, among others, remember your login information, so you will not have to enter your login and password each time, remember the items you added to your shopping cart, or to adapt the content of the site to your interests. Thanks to cookies, it is possible to collect statistical data of Online Store, which thus allows us to develop the store in accordance with the preferences of our Customers.

Cookies do not contain any information that identify you, thus it is impossible to determine any person's identity on their basis. These files are not in any way harmful to your device and do not change its settings or settings of any software installed on it. Reading the content of these files is possible only by the server that created them.

Upon your use of Online Store, we use two types of cookies: session cookies and permanent cookies. Session files are temporary files that are stored on your device until you log out from, leave the Online Store or close the browser. Permanent files are stored on your device for the time specified in their parameters or until you delete them.

What cookies do we use?
a) files essential for the Store’s functioning - these files allow proper functioning of the Online Store, logging to the Store, navigating through the Store, purchasing as well as downloading files purchased in the Store. Without saving them on your device, the use of the Store is impossible;
b) files that ensure safety of transactions carried out within the Store. Lack of these files will prevent safe completion of the transaction;
c) statistical files - allow us to collect statistical information about the way you use the Store;
d) functional files - files that allow to remember your settings and preferences. By saving these files on your device, among others, you will not have to enter your login and password each time, you will be shown products tailored to your interests, etc.;
e) advertising files - files which allow you to receive personalized advertisements. These files can be used by the Store, or by providers of advertising services cooperating with the Store, so you may see advertisements tailored to your interests, and the number of ad displays may be limited so that the advertisements will be less burdensome, etc.
f) social files – enable the integration of social networking sites (such as Facebook, Google +, Pinterest) you use with the Store.

What if you do not agree to have such files saved on your device?
The most common browser settings support cookies by default. If you do not agree to have such files saved on your device, you need to change the settings of your Web browser. Change may be based on not-saving cookies on your device, or on informing you each time such files are saved on your device. You can also delete files from your device each time after visiting the Store. Details on the possibilities and methods of managing Cookie files are available in software settings and the “Help” section of your web browser. Remember, however, that restrictions on the use of cookies may hinder or prevent the use of the Store.
Browser settings of your device configured to save files means that you agree to these files being saved on your device.
Other technical information

Your personal data is stored in a data base which includes technical and organizational measures for the protection of the data processed in accordance with the requirements specified in the regulations on the protection of personal data, including the regulation of the Minister of Internal Affairs and Administration of 29th April 2004 on the documentation of the personal data processing and technological and organizational conditions which shall be met by devices and IT systems used for the personal data processing (Journal of Laws No. 100, item 1024) Access to the database is granted only to persons authorized by the data administrator.

IV. Final provisions
Due to the continuous technological development and progress, the principles set forth in this document may be subject to change. You will be notified in advance upon each change of these rules, no later than 7 days prior to their introduction, by posting new content of this document on the website.

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The administrator of your personal data is FORAM Roman Krzyżanowski with registered office in Wolsztyn, at ul. Podgórna 16 Karpicko. More
The data are processed for marketing purposes. Everyone has the right to access and correct his or her personal data as well as demand their deletion. Provision of data is voluntary, however, it is necessary for registering in the Newsletter.
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